How To Book & Pricing


1) Our minimum charge is £80. Our tattoo prices vary based on the complexity of the piece and vary from style to style. Therefore, each piece is uniquely priced based on the final outcome. For large pieces, we do have full day sessions available (from 11am to 7pm) and many of our clients choose this option. We can give you the best quote in person, but feel free to email us photo references.

2) Our consultations are completely free; we ask that you book to drop by the studio in person to have a talk with Yuki, Phred, or Sabina, to go over your design. Please call us on 0207 613 2736 to schedule in your consultation. All you need to bring in are some  photo references on your phone or printed out. Our artists can design your ideas from scratch or modify existing pictures, tattoo ideas, or photographs. We will give you a quote about the length of time it will take.

3) If you like what you hear, we will then ask that you leave an £80 deposit for your booking date or half the rate for a full day. Your deposit will go towards the price of your tattoo to secure your booked date and also for your artist’s drawing & designing time. We take deposits by cash or online bank transfers within 24 hours of making your booking. Please ask for transfer details. The remainder is payable in cash only on the day of your tattoo.

4) Deposits are non-refundable, but you can change your appointment date with 48 hours’ notice! The sooner we know you want to rearrange, the better, as we have a waiting list.

**For international clients: we can have an email consultation and book your tattoo session remotely (with a deposit transferred via the Transferwise website or online banking). Due to the flexibility of this case, most drawings and final touches to your design will be done on the day with your tattooist.



No need to book; just drop in
All prices include titanium, safe, rings or studs – add £5 for black or gold jewellery
We never use piercing guns – only single-use needles 


Lobes – £30 for both, £20 for one
Cartilage and complex parts of the ear – £30
Industrial / Scaffolding (two piercings) – £50

Facial / Body Piercing

Nose – £35 with a ring, £30 with a stud
Septum – £40
Eyebrow (vertical / horizontal) – £30
Bridge / 3rd eye – £35
Lip – £30
Tongue – £40
Smiley – £35
Monroe / Medusa – £30
Labret / Lowbret – £30
Nipple – £40 for one, £60 for both
Bellybutton – £35

Jewellery installation & removal service – £5

Multiple piercings – £10 deduction per piercing

**Full aftercare instructions given and natural BPA healing oil available to purchase for £5

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