Artists & Galleries

Sabina Pavel:
Resident Artist – Wednesday to Sunday
New-School, Contemporary Art, Geometry & Dotwork


Guest Artist – March 24th to April 2nd
Watercolour, Abstract & Contemporary Art, Full Colour


Guest Artist – until March 12th 2018
Watercolour, Abstract & Contemporary Art, Full Colour


Resident Artist – Friday to Tuesday
Geometry, Symbology & Patterns, Oriental artwork, Mandalas, Dotwork


(Bookings Closed)
Chinese Watercolour, Full Colour or Black & Grey


Resident Body Piercer – Wednesday to Sunday
Pierces all parts of the face including nose, septum, lip, eyebrow, bridge (between the eyes), smiley (inside upper lip), tongue, medusa, & monroe; also pierces any imaginable part of the ear; nipples and bellybutton

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