Why We’re Unique

Fifth Dimension Tattoo & Piercing studio was founded in 2012 by two artists as a space for tattooists to do what excites them the most: creating art for 8 hours on other people’s skin. The ultimate goal of our studio is the growth of our artists as tattooists and the harbouring of a vibrant, open, and friendly atmosphere for our clients. Walking into a tattoo or piercing studio can be an intimidating endeavour for anyone, so we give you our full attention with kindness.

In the tattoo and piercing industry, we began as people doing something unique – focusing on other people! Here are some more quirks about us::

We are a vegan tattoo and piercing studio: Our studio is run by two vegans. All of our tattoo inks, tattoo aftercare, and piercing aftercare are naturally derived from plant & vitamin extracts and are 100% vegan. The only inks we use in our studio are Intenze, Eternal, Kuro Sumi, and Starbright and Panthera on occasion. We stock BPA piercing aftercare and Hustle Butter tattoo aftercare. Even our cleaning products, petroleum jelly, mouthwash, Green Soap, and stencil transfer solution by Stencil Stuff have no animal-additives, so you can be sure that while you are being tattooed the entire process is vegan. And remember when thermal transfer paper used to contain lanolin? Well, it still does, but Reprofx busted the system and rolled out the world’s first fully vegan stencil paper. So the entire process is now vegan, from top to bottom.

We feature distinctly different styles from every artist: Phred is an expert in sacred geometry, patterns, mandalas, and spiritual symbology. Sabina enjoys bold colours, new-school art, and dotwork. Yuki takes on abstract, dotwork, and watercolour designs. We can choose your artist together as to who has the strongest experience in your chosen tattoo.

We are a completely custom studio: and build your design from the bottom up or work off of a reference you bring in, so you will not find a book of “flash”, ready-made, designs on our tables. What you will find is the work that our artists have created as the result of their ideas melding with their clients’ ideas. Though our artists have distinct styles, we venture into any other area as well including line work, portraits, and new-school. Come in with a feeling or desire you have about your tattoo, and they will do their magic!

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